Module 1: Final reflection

When you think deliberately about creative solutions you can come up with ideas that can be profitable as well. Let me know if you guys want to think of pitching this to investors:)

Naela Afifi

When I first started this class, I honestly thought that I would not learn anything. However, after half the semester has passed I realized that this course actually changed me one step at a time. I learned that the key to innovation is to start looking at things in different ways and gain new perspectives. That you must expose yourself to new stimuli by reading more on subjects you know nothing about and force yourself to acquire or even just experience new tastes.

In the first class I attended we were told to write down in 3 minutes all the problems we can think of in Egypt. I was only able to come up with 12 even though Egypt is infested with problems. As the course progressed I started to be able to see the tinniest of problems and be able to identify them clearly even when they are in…

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