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great example of using images and referring to previous work in the module!

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In the past, I believed that creativity was a trait people are born with. But, now, after completing the first module of this course, I totally believe that creativity can be learned and practiced. At this point in time, I consider myself a lot more creative than I used to be. I have gained the ability of identifying, practicing and evaluating Design-thinking; which is a major process in creative thinking and creative problem solving. From where I stand, the most helpful source on D-Thinking was the IDEO shopping cart in the video below.Design-Thinking-Doodle.jpg

One of the greatest things that I have learned in this Module is Divergent Thinking; a process or a method used to generate creative ideas by exploring all the possible solutions, while avoiding judgment. At the beginning of most of the classes, Doctor Sherif prepared 2-4 minute activities that were fast paced and were mainly based on throwing out ideas, in my point…

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